Tote-to-Person Picking

The Geek+ RoboShuttle™ Tote-to-person picking solution can achieve high-density warehouse storage with its narrow aisle design,  and high picking, storage, and operating efficiency.

Flexible tote box handling, subverting conventional tote inventory model, ROI within 3 years

  • RS8-DA-1 图片-1-1
  • P40_178x335-1 P40渲染图_178x335-2
  • Dimensions (mm) Self Weight (kg) Maximum Payload (kg) Full Range Lifting Time (s) Standard Container Dimension (mm) (L*W*H) Obstacle Detection Distance Navigation Stop Accuracy (mm) Maximum Speed (Unloaded) (m/s) Power Supply Battery Life Run Time Robot Working Temperature Certification
  • 1800×1000×4700(Maximum height 8245) 950 40 8 (200~650)×(200~450)×(150~400) 3m laser Inertial + QR code visual navigation <10 Empty 1.8m/s ,Full Load 1.5m/s Lithium-ion battery, DC50.4V (typ), 65Ah >2000 cycles Charging for 10 minutes, working for 3 hours 0~45°C CE/FCC/UL
  • 640*440*295 (Maximum height 700) 60 35 8 (up)/ 4.5 (down) L(400~600)*W(300~400)*H(150~450) 3m laser Inertial + QR code visual navigation <±10 Empty&Full Load 3m/s Lithium-ion battery, DC 50.4V, 12Ah > 2000 cycles Charging for 10 minutes, working for 1~1.5 hours -10~45°C CE/FCC/UL
  • mm kg kg s mm - m - - h - mm °C °C


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RoboShuttle System

RoboShuttle+P40 Tote-to-Person Solution


This solution combines the advantages of RoboShuttle and P40 robots. RS robot is responsible for the transfer of the totes between storage shelves and buffer shelves vertically, and docking with the P40 robot to quickly carry the hit tote to the workstation for picking.
The two robots achieve the optimal ratio through algorithm optimization.
- Picking scenarios of small volume, massive SKUs, and large flow of totes
- Return Scenarios
- Applicable industry: Apparel, retails
Award-winning solution leading the industry innovation

The Geek+ RoboShuttle™ system was certified as "Best of Intralogistics 2020" by the world-renowned IFOY award, one of the industry's most prestigious recognitions. Compared with the traditional warehouse shuttle system, RoboShuttle has higher flexibility, efficiency and return-on-investment.

  • High box picking efficiency, up to 300 boxs / hour / station
  • Flexible to fit customers' existing shelves and lofts
  • Fast implementation and low ground load
  • Smaller investment and shorter payback period, ROI about 1~3 years
  • Easily add or remove robots according to business waves
  • No need for high-precision rails and easy to maintain
  • Can be connected to a variety of automation equipment such as conveyor lines and other robots, which is convenient for integration and customized project deployment

Customers value

Rapid ROI

  • ROI in less than 3 years
  • Lower initial investment required compared to traditional automation equipment

High storage capacity

  • Strongest single floor storage AMR solution, multiplies warehouse storage capacity by 2.5 times
  • Make full use of height space which makes the warehouse storage capacity the same as that of multi-shuttle

High efficiency

  • Ingenious ergonomic design yields the highest AMR picking efficiency solution ever, reaching 3 times more than manual
  • 99.997% accuracy

High flexibility

  • Add or remove robots on demand, switch to manual picking easily
  • Customizable solutions for multiple industries
  • No single point of failure

Rapid deployment

  • Full system deployment under 2 months
  • Reuse customers' existing shelves, racks and lofts

Covering a wide range of application scenes

Geek+ Tote-to-Person Picking System is suitable for cosmetics, apparel, e-commerce, pharmaceutical, 3C, automobile manufacturing, and many other industries.

Single Tote-to-Person

  • Small- to medium-sized parts picking; suitable for bin, tote, carton
  • The robot lifts the tote box to the most comfortable position for easy picking, improving picking efficiency 3 times that of manual

Extended-Depth Tote-to-Person

  • Small- to medium-sized parts picking; suitable for bin, tote, carton
  • High density storage, up to 2.5 times as traditional shelf storage

Combination solution

  • Shelf-to-Person system
  • Pick and Place robot arm
  • Connection among multi-process


Roboshuttle Plus System

Hybrid Solution Combining P800 Shelf to Person and Tote to Person Robots


RoboShuttles handle vertical storage and retrieval of totes, P40 picking robots move smaller items, and P500 and P800 robots move medium to large items.

The solution makes full use of vertical warehouse space and removes the need for multi-zone operations by allowing items of all sizes to be handled by one solution at a centralized workstation.



-Picking and storing scenarios of varied sizes

-Whole carton/pallet and piece picking and storing scenario

-Mixed popularity picking and storing scenario

-Applicable industry: E-commerce, apparel, retails, pharmaceuticals