Our Commitments

Enable Customer Sustainability

Energy Efficiency

Lower Energy Consumption


  • Geek+ AMR robots can reduce energy consumption by up to 75% compared to manual warehouses.
  • AMRs work 24/7 in low light, reducing warehouse energy consumption.
  • Geek+ AMR batteries have a 1:16 charge-discharge ratio, longer service life, and better efficiency.
  • Short deployment cycle, no special floor treatment required.

Reduced Waste

75% Lower consumption


  • Paperless data and visualization achieve a paperless warehouse.
  • Lean material management reduces inventory waste.
  • Original boxes reduce cardboard waste.
  • System cluster scheduling, balanced production capacity.




Increased Efficiency

Less Waste_


  • Efficiency increased by 2-3 times, reducing costs.
  • Dense storage improves capacity.
  • Intelligent algorithms optimize path planning and recommend storage locations.
  • Modular software integrates information silos between systems.




Develop Sustainable Products









Sustainable materials

Up to 80% of parts can be reused

Long product lifespan


Zero carbon emission

Long life cycle

Battery recycling partners



Manufacturing process





Full and precise materials tracking

ISO standard for Environmental Management Systems

Recycled totes



  Packaging with fully recyclable materials & optimized design

Efficient route planning

Small transportation space

Carefully chosen sustainable partners for shipping

Enhance quality of life


  Geek+ solutions are ergonomic, reducing strain, fatigue and strenuous tasks.

  Robots automate routine tasks, freeing up time for employees to upskill into more advanced technical roles.

  99.99% picking accuracy reduces stress, enabling a safer work environment.

  Multi-lingual user interface optimized for accessibility,  ease of use, and supports people with disabilities.


Support diversity and gender equality


All of teams are multicultural and multinational with over 20 spoken languages.


1:2 female to male ratio in an industry where female representation remains low, including C-Suite and Senior Management.


Two 2022 Women in Supply Chain Award Recipients

Adhere to strict safety, IT security and compliance regulations



All of our products are CE certified


We work with customers to raise the overall industry standard for robot safety

Regulation compliance

We adhere to the most stringent regulations in all markets we operate.

Geek+internal code compliance

We abide by strict guidelines on anti-corruption, data protection and information security; trade compliance, fair competition, human rights and fair employment; accurate records and reporting; health, social responsibility and sustainability. 


Invest in a sustainable future




All of our R&D investments follow sustainable goals




A robust intellectual property portfolio with over 1800 patents 



Invest in a sustainable wbg