Our Commitments


Enable Customer Sustainability


Develop Sustainable Products


  • * Sustainable materials
  • * Up to 80% of parts can be reused
  • * Long product lifespan


* Zero carbon emission
* Long life cycle
* Battery recycling partners

Manufacturing process

* Smart logistics  planning for materials sourcing
* Full and precise materials tracking
* ISO standard for Environmental
Management Systems Recycled totes


* Packaging with fully recyclable materials & optimized design
* Best route privileged
* Small transportation space
* Zero Carbon Shipping


Enhance Quality of Life

  • 🔺A warehouse operator in a manual warehouse walks on average 20-30 km per day

  • 🔺Repetitive and strenuous tasks that impact physical and mental health

  • 🔺High stress due to risk of errors

  • ✅Geek+ solutions are ergonomic, reducing strain, fatigue and accidents in the warehouse.

  • ✅Less stress due to 99.99% picking accuracy

  • ✅Safer environment

  • ✅Increased technical qualification

  • ✅Simple and ergonomic IT GUIs, also suitable for people with disabilities



Support diversity and gender equality




Adhere to strict safety, IT security and compliance regulations


All of our products are CE certified



We work with customers to raise the overall industry standard for robotics safety


Regulatory compliance:

We strictly abide by the most stringent regulations in all the markets in which we operate


Geek+ internal code of compliance:

We abide by strict guidelines on anti-corruption, data protection and information security,
trade compliance, fair competition, human rights and fair employment, accurate records
and reporting, health, social responsibility and sustainability