Shelf-to-Person PopPick System

The game-changing Geek+ picking system boosts efficiency by 300%+

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High Flexibility · Multi-size compatibility ·  High efficiency


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PopPick is our revolutionary, new shelf-to-person system, which pairs an upgraded moveable shelf carried by mobile robots with the industry's first dual-unit picking station. As an all-in-one system, PopPick creatively combines picking and storing totes, shelves, and pallets. With advanced technology and smart autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), PopPick can increase warehouse picking efficiency to up to max 650 totes per hour and optimize throughput capacity by a factor of 2.

  • Model Rack dimension Number of storage totes on a single shelf Overall dimensions of station Box size
  • PopPick 1346*1260*3832mm Adjusts with the height of the box 4500*2030*4360mm 600*400*(150~400)mm
  • Tote taking efficiency Maximum load
  • 650 totes/H/station 20Kg


Geek+ interact analysis whitepaper

Shelf-to-Person Standard System

Geek+ shelf-to-person standard system uses P series AMR picking robots to move the inventory shelves and pallets to the picking station, completely eliminating the redundant walking of the picking workers, improving picking accuracy, and reducing labor intensity. Compared to manual picking, automated picking solutions improve efficiency by 2 to 3 times.

  • P500R Picking Solution - GeekPlus P500R Picking Solution Robot - GeekPlus
  • P800R Picking Solution - GeekPlus P800R Picking Solution Robot - GeekPlus
  • P1200R Picking Solution - GeekPlus P1200R Picking Solution Robot- GeekPlus
  • Dimension Self weight Maximum payload Maximum lifting height Minimum lifting time Maximum speed Maximum rotation speed Maximum slope angle Stop accuracy Navigation Obstacle detection distance Power supply Battery life Run time Certification Payload size Working temperature Charging temperature
  • L950*W702*H275 144 600 60 4 2m/s without load 1.6m/s full load 90°/1.5s,180°/2s 2.5° (slope 4.4%) <±10 Inertial sensors + QR code 2m infrared / 3m laser Lithium-ion, DC50.4V, 39 Ah Full charging and discharging >2000 cycles Charging 10 minutes working 2~3 hours CE、ETL、FCC L880*W880 -10~45 0~45
  • L1090*W830*H275 162 1000 60 4 2m/s without load 1.6m/s full load 90°/1.5s,180°/2s 2.5° (slope 4.4%) <±10 Inertial sensors + QR code 2m infrared / 3m laser Lithium-ion, DC50.4V, 39 Ah Full charging and discharging >2000 cycles Charging 10 minutes working 2~3 hours CE、ETL、FCC 1000*1000/ 1020*1220/ 1000*1200 -10~45 0~45
  • L1325*W1020*H275mm 320 1200 60 4 1.5m/s without load,1.2m/s full load 90°/2.5s,180°/4s - <±10mm, ±1° Inertial sensors + QR code 3m laser Lithium-ion,DC50.4V,39Ah - - CE 1250*1250~1600*1600 -20-50 -10~45
  • mm kg kg mm s m/s °/s ° mm - m - - h - mm °C °C


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Maximum efficiency empowered by smart algorithms

Empowered by Geek+ proprietary smart algorithms, the robotic retrieval system uses the fewest AMR picking robots possible to achieve maximum efficiency while improving warehouse storage capabilities.

Its main functions include:

  • Combined order optimization and picking
  • Dynamic wave selection process
  • Inventory management and smart tallying of goods
  • Adjustment of inventory layout
  • Work station and robot task outline
  • RFID technology integration
  • Heat analysis and goods placement recommendation
  • The shelf height is up to 2.8m and the storage capacity is increased by 20%.

Covering a wide range of application scenarios

Geek+ Goods-to-Person Picking System is suitable for retail, third-party logistics, apparel, e-commerce, pharmaceutical, 3C, automobile manufacturing, and many other industries.

Shelf-to-Person (Single layer)

  • Small- to medium-sized parts picking by bin and by piece

Multi-layer Shelf-to-Person

  • Multi-tenants, high inventory capacity requirement, the order quantity fluctuates greatly and the order structure is complicated

Combination Solution

  • Movable re-bin wall
  • Consolidated picking and order sorting
  • Picktote cache & queue
  • Pick and place robot arm

Customers value

Rapid ROI

  • ROI in less than 3 years
  • Lower initial investment required compared to traditional automation equipment

Rapid deployment

  • Full system deployment under 2 months
  • Reuse customers' existing shelves and lofts, rapid deployment

High efficiency

  • Ingenious ergonomic design yields the highest AMR picking efficiency solution ever, reaching 3 times that of manual picking
  • 99.997% accuracy

High flexibility

  • Add or remove robots on demand, switch to manual picking easily
  • Customizable solutions for multiple industries
  • No single point of failure

High storage capacity

  • Strongest single floor storage AMR solution multiplies warehouse storage capacity by 2.5 times
  • Make full use of height space and increase the storage capacity to the same as multi-layer shuttle