Shelf-to-Person PopPick System

Shelf-to-Person System

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  • 178x335-P800R 官网P_P800 v6.1_240312-1
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  • Dimension Self weight Maximum payload Maximum lifting height Minimum lifting time Maximum speed Maximum rotation speed Maximum slope angle Stop accuracy Navigation Obstacle detection distance Power supply Battery life Run time Certification Payload size Working temperature Charging temperature
  • L950*W702*H275 144 600 60 4 2m/s without load 1.5m/s full load 90°/1.5s,180°/2s 2.5° (slope 4.4%) <±10 Inertial sensors + QR code 2m infrared / 3m laser Lithium-ion, DC50.4V, 39 Ah Full charging and discharging >2000 cycles Self-charges in 10 minutes, operates for 2~3 hours CE、ETL、FCC L880*W880 -10~45 0~45
  • L1095*W830*H195mm 165 1000 55 4 2.3m/s without load 2m/s full load 90°/1.5s,180°/2s 2.5° (slope 4.4%) <±10 Inertial sensors + QR code 2m infrared / 3m laser Lithium-ion, DC50.96V, 28 Ah Full charging and discharging >2000 cycles Self-charges in 10 minutes, operates for 1.5~2 hours CE、ETL、FCC 1020*1020/ 1020*1250/ 1000*1250 -10~45 0~45
  • L1325*W1020*H275mm 320 1200 60 4 1.5m/s without load,1.2m/s full load 90°/2.5s,180°/4s 2.5° (slope 4.4%) <±10mm, ±1° Inertial sensors + QR code 3m laser Lithium-ion,DC50.4V,39Ah Full charging and discharging >2000 cycles Self-charges in 10 minutes, operates for 1.5~2 hours CE 1250*1250~1600*1600 -20-50 -10~45
  • mm kg kg mm s m/s °/s ° mm - m - - h - mm °C °C

Shelf-to-Person Solutions

Geekplus Shelf-to-Person solution uses mobile robots to move inventory shelves and pallets to the picking station, completely eliminating the redundant walking of the picking workers, improving the accuracy of the picking, and reducing labor intensity. Compared to manual picking, the picking efficiency is improved by 2 to 3 times.


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Shelf-to-Person PopPick System


 The automated tote picking workstation stores totes on movable shelves. Shelf-to-Person robots transport movable shelves to the PopPick workstation. The targeted tote is automatically removed and presented to the operator for easy picking. This system is also compatible with large items and full pallet picking, offering a solution that meets the storage and picking needs for large, medium, and small items across all categories.

Full compatibility with items of all sizes

2x throughput capacity

4x handling efficiency

4x storage density

50% Cost Savings

Three major innovations


Automated picking/tallying workstation

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High-Density Mixed Storage Configuration


Optimized Order Fulfillment

Four major advantages

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    Highly compatible

     Fully compatible with large, medium, and small items, integrating tote, shelf, and pallet storage.

    Adaptable to all scenarios and categories.

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    High Density Storage

     High storage capacity is achieved by compressing the spacing between totes to 2cm.

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    High Throughput

    Based on order forecasting and intelligent sorting algorithms, the system utilizes nighttime and off-peak hours for automated sorting to improve the hit rate. Picking robots have a rich array of paths; their deployment density is more than double that of tote-carrying robots, with a 3x maximum throughput capacity.

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    Cost Effective

    The PopPick workstation is ergonomically designed and has a tote-delivery efficiency of up to 6.5 seconds per box. The cost of picking robots is only half or even lower than that of traditional tote robots. But the handling efficiency is much higher than traditional solutions.




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Shelf-to-Person System

Part of Geekplus' comprehensive fulfillment suite, this standard solution utilizes robots to transport shelves and pallets to pickers. By bringing inventory to employees rather than forcing them to search, Geekplus' shelf-to-person process significantly reduces labor intensity while greatly enhancing accuracy and efficiency.


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The Geekplus fifth-generation platform incorporates the company‘s extensive experience and best practices from various industries. The Warehouse Execution System (WES) enables large-scale robot scheduling based on the operation of massive numbers of picking robots in global warehouses and the deep data mining of robot operation data. Additionally, the WES platform includes a process engine, a strategy engine, and a wide range of page configuration options. These features help customers quickly build intelligent and flexible robotic solutions that are personalized to their specific business needs, facilitating rapid smart upgrades to their systems. The WES platform will continue to evolve in the complex area of mixed-type robot dispatching, empowering customers to solve complicated scenarios in their operations.


Maximum efficiency empowered by smart algorithms

Empowered by Geekplus proprietary smart algorithms, the robotic retrieval system uses the fewest AMR picking robots possible to achieve maximum efficiency while improving warehouse storage capabilities.

Its main functions include:

  • Combined order optimization and picking
  • Dynamic wave selection process
  • Inventory management and smart tallying of goods
  • Adjustment of inventory layout
  • Work station and robot task outline
  • RFID technology integration
  • Heat analysis and goods placement recommendation