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1-3 years ROI
200-300% Efficiency
99.99% Accuracy
1-3 months Implementation

About Us

Geek+ is a global technology company specialized in smart logistics, No.1 in market share in global AMR (autonomous mobile robots) markets and leading the global smart logistics revolution.

Industry Expertise

Geek+ has extensive experience in logistic management and operations across a range of industries.

Customer Story

Geek+ is the trusted partner in smart logistics for many leading global brands. Our team continuously strives to reduce costs and increase efficiency for our customers.

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Shelf-to-Person PopPick System

Experience streamlined order fulfillment with Geek+ PopPick, the all-in-one robotic solution for logistics which handles totes, racks, and pallets; inbound, storage, picking and outbound.

PopPick System

Smart Shelf-to-Person Picking Robots

Improve your warehouse picking efficiency by over 200% with our innovative ‘Shelf-to-Person’  systems.

P Series

Smart Sorting Robots

Improve your warehouse sorting efficiency to nearly 10x that of traditional sorting methods with our highly automated and versatile sorting robots

S Series

Smart Pallet Storage and Picking

Geek+ Four way shuttle solution has integrated storage and picking solutions with high-density storage and high throughput capabilities. It increases storage capacity, throughput, flexibility, and is cost-effective.

X Series

Smart Tote-to-Person Picking Robots

Improve your warehouse picking efficiency by 2 to 3 times with our RoboShuttle robots which account for your business and operational needs with their fast ROI and flexible implementation structure

RS Series

Smart Intralogistics

Improve your warehouse moving efficiency by over 50% with our moving robots inbuilt with QR code navigation and laser SLAM technology

M Series

Working Together Towards a Brighter Future

Together with today’s leading technology companies and industry leaders, Geek+ aims to establish a cutting-edge digital and intelligent supply chain for its global customers

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