Replacing the conveyor belt with Geek+ flexible and reliable moving system

Shelf Handling

Tote Handling

Pallet Handling

  • 178x335_shelfhanding-2 M200C-SNE_V2.0_shelf handling_left front
  • 178x335_totehanding M200C-SNE_V2.0_totes handling_left front
  • MP1000R MP1000R-SNE_V1-2-removebg-preview (1)
  • Body dimensions Rotation diameter Maximum payload Maximum running speed Maximum rotation speed Stop accuracy Drive mode Navigation Communication mode Battery Charge time Obstacle detection Certificate Charging Temperature
  • 760*520*313 774 200 No-load speed 1.5m/s, full load speed 1.5m/s No-load 90°/2s,180°/4s,full-load 90°/3s, 180°/7s <±10mm, 1° (End-assisted positioning) Two wheels differential driving Laser SLAM (Improved by Reflector / Visual Language)/QR Code WIFI,Support 2.4G/5G,IEEE802.11 b/g/n Lithium-ion battery,DC50.4V,27Ah 10 minutes charge for 1h work Front and rear laser LIDARs + 85° forward visual obstacle detection CE, FCC,ETL 10~40°C
  • 830*520*319 897 200 No load 1.5m/s, full load 1.5m/s 90°/2.5s,180°/5s <±10mm, 1° (End-assisted positioning) Two wheels differential driving Laser SLAM + Reflector + QR Code + Visual WIFI,Support 2.4G/5G,IEEE802.11 b/g/n Lithium-ion battery,DC50.4V,27Ah 10 minutes charge for 1h work Front and rear laser LIDARs + 85° forward visual obstacle detection CE、FCC、ETL 10~40°C
  • 1090*830*275 1090 1000 No-load speed 1.5m/s, full load speed 1.5m/s 90°/2s,180°/3s <±10mm,1° Two wheels differential driving Laser SLAM + Reflector + QR Code WIFI,Support 2.4G/5G,IEEE802.11 b/g/n Lithium-ion battery,DC50.4V,39Ah Charging for 10 minutes, working for one hour 360° lidar CE、FCC、ETL 10~40°C
  • mm mm kg m/s °/s mm,° - - - V, Ah - - - -


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Tote Handling

Tote is a very common carrier form in manufacturing and warehousing scenarios, often used to store small workpieces, materials etc. The Geek+ tote handling scenario provides an efficient and flexible distribution solution. The moving robot with fixed ground support can directly handle 8 standard size totes at a time, using SLAM technology to achieve automatic navigation and distribution in factories and warehouses without the need for extensive deployment of floor signs.

M200C_Warehousing scenario_tote handling

Pallet Handling

Geek+ can provide pallet lifting and handling solutions with a maximum load of 1000kg, MP1000R can handle pallet shelf, or handle pallet directly from the ground support. It is compatible with standard pallets of multiple sizes and shapes, basically covering all pallet handling needs in manufacturing and warehousing scenarios. The robot can support flexible customization of lifting modules within a certain height range to adapt to docking modules of different heights, such as load shifting and automatic conveying lines, to realize AMR applications in complex scenarios and help customers to lean production and efficient storage.

shelf handling2-1

Shelf Handling

MP1000R and M200C can support various carriers such as shelf, rack, material cart, etc. The robot is efficiently compatible with loading and recording various shelf models, enabling automatic identification and fast docking. The robot is equipped with SLAM and QR code hybrid navigation technology to enable flexible deployment for complex and dynamic field environments, as well as sensors and algorithmic strategies such as LIDAR and visual cameras to ensure reliability and safety when delivering shelves and interacting with people.

M200C_Manufacturing scenario

Geek+ Moving System Software

The Geek+ smart moving system (GMS) can be used for the setup and management of all kinds of logistics handling processes and tasks, as well as for the scheduling and operation of large-scale, multi-type robots.

It is equipped with key functions such as map editing, task editing, map monitoring, parameter configuration, robot management and log management, and can be seamlessly connected to robot management systems and customer business systems.

The system can schedule multi-type robot in a same site, and achieve optimal path planning, traffic control, cross-floor distribution, etc. The system is user-friendly and easy to deploy. It has achieved a practical application of 300+ robots to be scheduled in the same site.

Geek+ moving system

SLAM and QR code navigation

Geek+ moving robots can support both QR code navigation and SLAM navigation, switching to the most suitable one based on the working condition. SLAM navigation enables location and mapping in real-time using laser and camera sensor fusion. With SLAM, robots can maintain good positioning and motion control in a complex environment. With QR code navigation, the robot can travel fast following an accurate path.

SLAM Navigation

Unique advantages of moving solution

Rapid Deployment

  • Ready and easy deployment for singular robots
  • Short project implementation cycle 

Smooth Operations

  • Able to independently create and modify mapping according to requirements
  • Customizable process management and charging policies

Flexible Scheduling

  • Flexible addition or removal of robots to fit changing needs
  • Supports the simultaneous utilization of different models of robots

Highly Adaptable

  • No need for environment modifications
  • Suitable for complex human-robot interaction scenarios