Our Service & Support Portfolio

We flexibly convert our product features and your needs into a variety of service product offerings, specific service content and delivery standards, ensuring you get the right solutions with minimum downtime, maximum system efficiency and availability.


24/7 Technical Support

24/7 Help Desk

Our service help desk is available worldwide 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to rapidly respond to your service claims and assign them to the right department for sufficient support. Your service cases are properly recorded and traced in our Service Platform.

Remote Technical Support

Whenever and wherever your system has an urgent incident, our technical support engineers and experts are here to provide remote diagnoses and reliable resolution over a secure VPN connection to minimize system interruption.

System Maintenance & Upgrade

We provide regular system maintenance and upgrade, including error corrections, modifications and other changes or improvements to your system, reducing system risks and enhancing operating performance.

Remote Technical Support GeekPlus

Field Services

Onsite Repair

Our specially trained and certified field engineers quickly attend to your service request if onsite intervention is required, and repair robots and charging stations at the location you need following local regulations and safety requirements.

Preventive Maintenance

Your installed bases are maintained according to our planned schedules that are flexibly tailored to fit with your operational demands. Our high skilled field engineers carry out onsite inspection or component replacement in a timely and professional manner to ensure hardware reliability and lifetime performance.

Residential Service

Our maintenance engineers are available to take residence onsite in your warehouse or factory during special events or whenever you need it. They take full responsibility for onsite inspection and maintenance, offering rapid response and resolution to equipment failures.

Field Services GeekPlus

Spare Parts

We plan and run spare parts inventory and manage service material logistics to provide genuine Geek+ spare parts around the clock and from all over the world. With diverse spare parts packages and spare parts centers located in countries and regions such as the US, Germany, Poland, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Mainland China, we are able to dynamically align with your special service needs.

Spare Parts Support GeekPlus


Our training courses are set up for the purpose of transferring know-how and expertise of our products and services to you either as our customers or service partner candidates. Besides, We offer onsite trainings to enable your employees capable of handling basic equipment and system errors by themselves.

Training GeekPlus

Service Delivery

Highly skilled and experienced service team, properly managed service materials, diverse service offerings and well defined service procedures lead to our global service delivery of best quality in a timely, safe and sufficient manner.

Service Delivery GeekPlus

Service Partner Program

We have been extending our service expertise and resources into key target markets around the world by actively developing service partners. Through specially designed courses and onsite training during project implementation, we transfer in-depth knowledge and skills to our service partners. After a rigorous authorization process, they are capable of providing you with faster and more flexible services.

Service Partner Support GeekPlus

Continuous Service Improvement

Customer focus is our core strategy and we make every effort to improve our service operation excellence. Driven by customer experience, we have established a complete closed-loop procedure of service plan, delivery, measurement, analysis and enhancement, making your voice heard, acted on and reported back.