With large volume and diversity of product categories, the retail business using traditional logistics system can no longer meet the high customer expectations.
Geek+ provides an integrated solution based on products, scenarios, and business models, and improve efficiency and storage capacity, enhancing competitive advantages for clients.

Industry Challenge

  • Bulk merchandise like beverages, rice, oil, and noodles with heavy weight and large volume
  • High labor-intensiveness and slow picking and moving efficiency
Solution 1

Shelf-to-Person Standard SystemMore

  • Reducing walking with heavy manual handling
  • Flexible layout, quickly expandable according to business needs
  • Adjust production capacity by adding or reducing robots
  • Automatically arrange goods in advance based on orders, inventory, and sales forecasts
  • Intelligent wave grouping strategy, increasing SKU overlap, and optimizing handling efficiency
Solution 2

Four-way Shuttle SolutionMore

  • High-density storage, storage capacity is 5x higher than traditional picking solutions
  • Take advantage of night/idle time for unmanned automatic tally to increase outbound efficiency
  • Connect to conveyor lines for automatic handling and storage retrieval
  • Visual picking to increase outbound accuracy

Industry Challenge

  • Retail industry, such as general merchandise and sports goods have original carton box stored items 
  • Manual handling, resulting in high labor intensity and low efficiency.

Solution 1

Tote-to-person SolutionMore

  • Fully utilize the vertical space of the warehouse, increasing storage efficiency by 5 times
  • P40 can automatically connect with conveyor lines, achieving automatic storage and retrieval of original carton boxes
  • Supports a range of different specifications of carton boxes
  • Full-flexible robot solution, single-point failure does not affect the overall system operation

Industry Challenge

  • Retail industry, such as beauty products, consumer electronics, office supplies usually need to pick items individually
  • Large number of SKUs
  • Frequent wave changes increased difficulty of picking
  • Affects accuracy

Solution 1

Shelf-to-Person PopPick SystemMore

  • Tote spacing only 2cm, dense storage, high storage efficiency
  • Scientific human-machine interaction at picking stations, high picking efficiency
  • Flexible expansion of usage areas
  • Automatic tally during idle time, greatly improving shelf hit rate, and increasing handling efficiency by 4 times
Solution 2

Shelf-to-Person Standard SystemMore

  • Flexible with standard modular system, fast deployment
  • Compatible with various storage type, such as pallet racks, shelf racks, board shelf, cardboard shelf, hanging shelf
  • Full pallet storage for Class A items, individual storage for Class B and C items, high overall efficiency
  • Different storage space sizes and replenishment frequencies can be set based on product volume and sales popularity
Solution 3

Tote-to-Person SolutionMore

  • High storage efficiency, storage capacity increased by 5 times compared to manual warehouses
  • Efficient tote handling, up to 350 totes per hour at workstations
  • High-flexibility full-robot solution, fast deployment and implementation
  • Can be deployed in stages based on business needs

Industry Challenge

  • The retail industry, such as grocery, food, and industrial supplies usually has various types of items
  • Irregular shapes, large, medium, and small items, as well as full carton and individual item-picking operations
  • Usually picking from separate storage areas and then consolidating orders
  • increasing the complexity of the system, operations, and management

Solution 1

Shelf-to-Person PopPick SystemMore

  • Items with deeper inventory, full carton box, large items are stored in the pallet area, while Class B, and C items with shallow inventory depth are stored in the tote shelf area
  • Ergonomic workstations with efficient picking
  • Modular workstations and movable shelves provide flexibility, allowing for quick relocation and adjustment
  • Tote spacing of only 2 cm, achieving higher storage density for Class B,C items

Solution 2

Tote-to-Person RoboShuttle Plus SystemMore

  • Large items and Class A items are stored in the shelf-to-person area, while medium and small items and Class B, C items are stored in the tote-to-person area, allowing for mixed storage of various types of items
  • P800 and P40 robots transport items from different areas to the workstations, enabling one-stop picking and reducing consolidation operations
  • Flexible expansion and adjustment of storage areas can be made according to business needs and growth

Solution 3

Four-way Shuttle SolutionMore

  • Fully utilizing vertical space above, storing items with deeper inventory depth in full-pallet form
  • The first floor can use pallets or shelves to store full carton boxes and piece picking items
  • Automatic replenishment of full pallets from high-level storage locations to first-floor picking locations and manual replenishment of piece picking items

Industry Challenge

  • Labor intensity and high error rate with manual sorting to multiple destinations
  • High initial investment for rigid sorting equipment
  • Unscheduled downtime will disrupt entire process


Sorting SolutionMore

  • Flexible layout and number of robots
  • Highly efficient matrix with dynamic grid allocation
  • Smart monitoring of whole process to guarantee sorting accuracy
  • Scalable to new business requirements 

Geek+ hybrid "Pick-and-Sort" solution streamlines order processing for UK retail giant NEXT

Pain Points: Faced with high demand and operating in the volatile fashion industry, NEXT decided to streamline its processes and scale up efficiently to meet new customer requirements

Solution: Hybrid “Pick-and-Sort” solution, P800 robots transport the rack to a multifunctional workstation that is utilized for both the picking and sorting procedures. The S20C robot then transfers the goods to the designated chute for the depot, while the parcel heads downstairs for packing.



AMR robots


units processed daily

Geek+ and Circle K implement  Asia's largest Smart Warehouse for Grocery Deliveries

Pain Points: With large volumes bound for different destinations and a wide selection of products ranging from small everyday items to food and cold goods, Circle K Hong Kong wanted to automate its warehouse and streamline large-scale logistics processes

Solution:100 Geek+ AMRs ensure the effective daily handling of over 1,000,000 products

140,000 square feet



convenience stores

How PopPick helps cross-border cold chain MOOGO Supply Chain Technology accelerate order delivery

Pain Points:Massive SKU warehouse storage to be improved, high-speed development of e-commerce, high pressure on orders, high requirements for distribution timeliness, inventory management with many categories and different sizes

    Solution:Shelf-to-Person PopPick Solution


Higher storage density


higher efficiency


Pain points: Massive SKUs, high volatility and different depth of storage. Daily orders must be shipped on the same day, and delivery accuracy requirements of 99.99%.
Solution: Geek+ deployed 6 picking robots in a 200 square meter pilot area, used for loading and unloading shelves, replenishing shelves, inventory, and performing outbound operations according to order instructions.

149 pieces/person

picking efficiency

533 pieces/person

comprehensive efficiency

Yonghui Superstore

Pain points: Increase of single item orders and labor costs. Need to improve warehouse in and outbound order processing efficiency to meet higher volume demand.
Solution: Geek+ provide a comprehensive robotics solution with full picking system and business intelligence monitoring.

153 lines / hour

average picking efficiency

7000 order line

daily shipping processing capacity