For the fast-growing e-commerce industry, traditional manual warehouse operation cannot meet market demands on efficiency, accuracy and return on investment.
Geek+ provides reliable and efficient solutions with unmatchable performances proven and tested during several mega e-commerce sales promotions, providing clients with the agility to respond to fluctuation and market demands.

Industry Challenge

  • Large orders
  • Large SKU and low inventory
  • High peaks
  • Low picking efficiency of orders with multiple products
  • Time constraints


  • Allows continuous picking through smart order grouping
  • Robots can easily be added or removed during and after peak
  • Automatic ABC partitioning of shelves for higher picking efficiency
  • Smart monitoring of whole process to guarantee picking accuracy
  • Flexible storage sizes for different product categories

Industry Challenge

  • Massive SKUs to meet customer expectations
  • Customers' expectations for fast delivery
  • High bay warehouses: fully utilize vertical space
  • Balancing space utilization and order processing efficiency


  • High storage: Fully utilizing 12-meter height space, double-depth storage, meeting the massive SKU storage needs of e-commerce users
  • High efficiency: Robots work collaboratively, achieving higher efficiency in a carton box and tote handling, adjustable to ergonomic picking height for efficient picking
  • High flexibility: Capable of rapid deployment, expansion, and no single point of failure

Industry Challenge

  • Massive number of packages
  • High fluctuation
  • Multiple flows
  • High sorting difficulty
  • High error rate


  • Layout and number of robots adjustable depending on required quantity
  • Supports multiple package types
  • High density, three-dimensional sorting, dynamic grid distribution
  • Smart monitoring of whole process to guarantee picking accuracy
  • Smart sorting + moving


Global online retailer YesAsia has partnered with Geek+ to further advance smart logistics in this new era of e-commerce

Pain Points:The surge in online e-commerce orders, operational efficiency needs to be improved, rapid response to market changes, and supply chain efficiency and flexibility need to be enhanced

Solution:Geek+ Shelf-to-Person Standard Solution







Pain points: Variety of goods, large inbound and outbound traffic marred by lower manual efficiency and higher error rate
Solution: Deploying 121 robots and 2000 racks, accommodating an inventory of 1 million daily pieces.

100,000 pieces

daily shipping capacity

600 pieces / hour

picking efficiency