Smart UVC Disinfection Robot - Lavender

Lavender, the smart UVC disinfection robot, destroys 99.99% of pathogens using ultraviolet lights and autonomous navigation to safely disinfect areas. Lavender operates without supervision 24 x 7 to keep your workspace safe without the use of chemicals or manual labor.

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Effective Disinfection

Lavender uses high power germicidal UVC light at 253.7 nm to destroy DNA and RNA structures of bacteria and viruses in a chemical free and environmentally responsible way.

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Efficient Disinfection

• High Illuminance
• UVC Radiation
• 6x 145μW/cm2 Philips UV Lamps


UV lamps are arranged in a circular pattern for
peak energy delivery 360˚ to areas most often
carrying pathogens.

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Safe Disinfection

Equipped with multi-sensors and intelligent algorithms, the robot will shut down the UV lamps automatically if it detects a person nearby.

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Systematic Disinfection

Lavender disinfects blind spots that manual cleaning cannot effectively or economically reach.

Standard Mode
Automatically performs unmanned full-map disinfection at a default duration.

User-Defined Mode
Automatically performs unmanned disinfection along a pre-set route at a user-defined duration.

Static Mode
The remotely controlled robot reaches a specific spot and completes disinfection.

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Lavender Smart Disinfection Robot GeekPlus

Product Specification

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